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aplenty / в изобилии, в избытке
в изобилии
in abundance, galore, aplenty, plentifully
в избытке
имя прилагательное
in abundance.
there are going to be disasters aplenty in the garden
There are stories aplenty about his kindness in helping a lot of people from all corners of India.
However, finals are never easy and this one is no different, as there are dangers aplenty .
However, one thing is certain, there is unsettled weather aplenty ahead.
There are jobs aplenty and even the commodity prices are looking up.
With colourful puppets, audience interaction and songs aplenty , this is ideal for children aged three and over.
No doubt Dan and David will both publish pictures aplenty in due course.
There was effort aplenty but little of beauty to colour the humdrum.
The game had more of a cup-tie atmosphere to it than an actual league match and it produced thrills and spills aplenty .
Here there are gift shops aplenty , but also fantastic courtyards and balconies overflowing with flowers.
They did have the horrible, driving wind and rain in their faces but that couldn't account for all the missed tackles and gaps aplenty .