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apish / обезьяний, похожий на обезьяну, обезьянничающий
имя прилагательное
simian, apish, apelike, monkeyish
похожий на обезьяну
имя прилагательное
of or resembling an ape in appearance.
Australopithecus had an apish cranium and a humanlike jaw
But why did women - and men, for that matter - lose the apish fur that covered most of our bodies to begin with?
In truth, he had suspected all his subordinates were just as apish as each other.
But the plot and its apish qualities ultimately aren't very important.
Compared to our apish ancestors, which could run only short distances, we have a more balanced head, flatter face, and smaller teeth and nose.
Lately, he has taken to apish chest-thumping in proclaiming that various individuals are ‘ducking’ and ‘backing down’ from him.
At regular intervals, backbenchers apishly banged their desks to salute their leader or, in response to their opponents, broke into bursts of sarcastic laughter.
We were visionary idealists, purposefully choosing to pursue a lifestyle that did not apishly conform to culture.
Legs hooked over the board, he hangs apishly , body massively contracted, even his extremities.
Few people would go to excess if they were not unwholesomely over-excited about their trivial apishness .
Formerly man's apishness did not matter so much, but now he is gaining dangerous powers, and may destroy himself.