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apiculture / пчеловодство
имя существительное
beekeeping, apiculture
In fact, the regular use and popularity of honey in Pakistan has given rise to a full-blown profession, better known as apiculture .
The Report says that apiculture is the third largest industry after mining and tourism.
He holds a master of science degree in apiculture .
‘Another reason the apiculture industry here is shrinking so fast is because some bee farmers are unwilling to accept physical hardship as they did before,’ he said.
According to the guidance, the National Organic Program intends to publish organic certification standards for apiculture , mushrooms, greenhouses and aquatic animals.
However, preliminary genetic analyses showed offspring admixture was probably caused by apicultural drift (beekeepers' term for the change of hive or colony).
The quickly developed medications were insufficiently tested, were of little help to the beehives and had adverse health effects on the apiculturists .
When these procedures are not performed, the products shall be kept away from the bees and any contact with apicultural equipment and products must be prevented.
An experienced and innovative apiculturist , he has recorded a high yield of 101 kg honey from a colony in a year.
On apicultural programs, major studies will be conducted to breed races of bees, develop pollen- and nectar-producing flora, improve beekeeping techniques, control bees diseases as well as develop advanced products of bees.