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apiary / пасека, пчельник
имя существительное
apiary, bee-garden
apiary, beehouse
имя существительное
a place where bees are kept; a collection of beehives.
This year Greg is endeavoring to add to his apiary by catching a wild swarm.
Anecdotal reports suggest that there have been many introductions of new strains of bees to boost the gene bank of the New Zealand apiary industry - even though this was illegal.
They visited a lily garden where they had morning tea, and an apiary where they had afternoon tea.
In the case of an apiary producing honey naturally, however, raising queen bees locally is the best practice.
An unusual auction of apiary equipment is set to take place at the Yorkshire Museum of Farming, at Murton Park, York, tomorrow.
He has kept an apiary for the past 10 years.
Attention refocused on hives at Upper Mill when Councillor Brian Angus, the borough mayor, wore a protective suit to officially open the refurbished apiary on April 9.
The apiary was located 12 km away from the original site to prevent older bees from returning to their original nest site if they recognized the landscape.
Together they work the land, supporting a successful raw milk dairy, a community orchard, an apiary , and a medicinal and culinary herb garden.
After he retired he used one of the boxes to melt beeswax in support of his apiary .
This year Greg is endeavoring to add to his apiary by catching a wild swarm.