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aphrodisiac / возбуждающий, сладострастный, обольстительный
имя прилагательное
exciting, excitatory, aphrodisiac, stimulant, energizing, stimulative
voluptuous, sensual, lascivious, concupiscent, libidinous, aphrodisiac
seductive, alluring, aphrodisiac
имя существительное
a food, drink, or drug that stimulates sexual desire.
the Romans worshiped the apple as an aphrodisiac
Lettuce was believed to be a powerful aphrodisiac .
While not an aphrodisiac , this medication has been reported to increase interest in sex as well as arousal.
Many people believe in the power of chocolate as an aphrodisiac , while others swear by a certain perfume or cologne to ignite desire in the sought-after other.
The leaves can be made into a tea or stewed, for use as an aphrodisiac .
That's the price of power that these folks, who think of power as the ultimate aphrodisiac , are more than willing to pay.
In the 17th century royals at Hampton Court drank it and ate it in vast quantities, believing it to be a powerful African aphrodisiac and hangover cure.
Cocoa's stimulative effect - it was once regarded as an aphrodisiac - comes from some of the chemicals in the cocoa bean.
Not surprisingly, the roots have a reputation as a powerful aphrodisiac .
More proof that rock is the best aphrodisiac AND painkiller?
He swiftly realised that a man with a guitar was a powerful aphrodisiac .