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apex / вершина, верхушка, высшая точка
имя существительное
vertex, top, summit, peak, apex, pinnacle
top, tip, apex, head, cap, cop
высшая точка
climax, peak, acme, high, apex, superlative
имя существительное
the top or highest part of something, especially one forming a point.
the living room extends right up into the apex of the roof
reach a high point or climax.
melodic lines build up to the chorus and it apexes at the solo
имя существительное
a system of reduced fares for scheduled airline flights and railroad journeys that must be booked and paid for before a certain period in advance of departure.
Apex fares
The Kahri kingdom was built and founded throughout the forested hills, conformed to the contour of the land with the temple at its apex to top off the grand city.
From this level on to the apex of the pyramid, it was then simply a matter of piling up more blocks.
the apex of the roof
Much of it was subdued with shadows filling every corner reaching the apex of the vaulted ceiling.
A shoot apex was considered dead if the terminal bud was absent or if it was dark-brown in colour, dehydrated or damaged.
And if we look to our left from the upper deck of the bus our eyes are level with the apex of what appears to be the outline of a boat's prow pointing to the sky, or a slender Norman arch in grey stone.
In contrast, Blake demonstrated that a triangle with a proximal apex and distal base is the most effective shape for rowing.
The plant blooms in April and inflorescences are produced at the apex of shoots.
They were clamped at their bases to a concrete ring beam and bent while still green, tied together in pairs at the apex of the roof.
I don't know if anyone's ever checked, but it's believed that he clambered up the dome of St Peter's, and scrawled his name at the apex , thus achieving the highest graffiti in the known world.