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aperture / отверстие, апертура, проем
имя существительное
hole, opening, port, aperture, orifice, slot
aperture, opening, orifice
имя существительное
an opening, hole, or gap.
the bell ropes passed through apertures in the ceiling
Unfortunately the aperture was just a couple of centimetres too narrow.
Some joints are already beginning to crumble and in other cases, the jointing mix was only applied as a veneer to the top of the joint aperture leaving a cavity underneath.
Through a small aperture , each mirror reveals a forlorn apartment - a raw space in need of love.
A wide aperture will take care of the background but I don't want any blurring of grass waving in the foreground.
It was bare and whitewashed, with a small square aperture glazed with one cracked, dusty pane at its further end.
She had wiggled through a tot-sized aperture in the alcove, and toddled over to a display of butterfly nets four feet away.
This same control changes the aperture when the camera is put into the A mode.
the genital aperture of an insect
As before, the images were taken with a constant focal length, lighting, aperture , and shutter speed.
Even an in-focus image will exhibit some blurring due to the diffraction of light from the camera aperture .