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apathy / апатия, вялость, безразличие
имя существительное
apathy, lassitude, torpor, indifference
lethargy, apathy, flaccidity, slackness, weakness, languor
indifference, apathy, disinterest, unconcern, nonchalance, insouciance
имя существительное
lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.
widespread apathy among students
This shows apathy on the part of the Government to the problems of the common man.
I was reading about voter apathy , particularly amongst the young, the other day.
In this day and age of political apathy , there's at least one group I respect.
Politicians blame the public for their apathy at election times but the public think it is the other way round.
Another reason for voter apathy is a lack of confidence in politicians.
The apathy and lack of compassion he describes, are also present in our own US health care system.
widespread apathy among students
That chasm is reflected as well in the widespread apathy of the public toward the election.
The reason people stay at home is apathy , cultivated by a belief they won't be listened to by the powers that be.
However, we must also look at how much apathy there is within our community towards local politicians.