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apathetic / апатичный, безразличный, равнодушный
имя прилагательное
apathetic, lethargic, listless, languid, lackadaisical, apathetical
indifferent, apathetic, uninterested, Laodicean, disinterested, incurious
indifferent, apathetic, unconcerned, cold, lukewarm, aloof
имя прилагательное
showing or feeling no interest, enthusiasm, or concern.
apathetic slackers who don't vote
I don't think people are as apathetic as they seem, but it's hard to tell.
Today's young people are said to be the most apathetic generation ever.
At a time when apathetic youngsters are the hot topic of political debate, he is the exception that proves the rule.
I spent too much time just coasting and doing nothing and being really apathetic and indifferent.
While students in the 1960s were famed for their radicalism, students of today are labelled as apathetic .
The task at next year's Scottish elections is not only to win a majority but to arouse the enthusiasm of a generally apathetic public.
Despite her uncaring appearance, apathetic tone, and collected posture, I could see the real change in her.
Like a reformed smoker, he is the more zealous because until recently he was the archetypal apathetic customer.
The adults must be prevented from getting bored, depressed and apathetic .
Her friend seemed so apathetic and listless she wanted to shake her.