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apartment / квартира, апартамент, комната
имя существительное
apartment, flat, room, quarter, condominium, door
room, apartment, chamber, lodgings
меблированные комнаты
furnished rooms, rooming house, lodging house, boarding house, apartment, apartments
имя существительное
a suite of rooms forming one residence, typically in a building containing a number of these.
There would be 50 flats, including penthouse apartments , over seven or eight floors.
Can you see high hills dappled in snow from your apartment or damp basement flat?
apartment block
the family lived in a rented apartment
one-bedroomed apartment
furnished apartment
self-catering apartment
The citizens approached the residents of Brigade Millennium apartments to see if some work could be done on the roads.
The company is also building town houses and apartments overlooking the Meia Praia beach in the attractive town of Lagos.
They're building luxury apartments in Shanghai and selling them as fast as they can get them up.
Before leaving London, he has cast a shrewd eye over Lady Dedlock's private apartments .