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apartheid / апартеид, расовая изоляция
имя существительное
расовая изоляция
имя существительное
(in South Africa) a policy or system of segregation or discrimination on grounds of race.
An interesting point that Rose was quoted on in the Guardian was that he applied the same boycott to South Africa under apartheid .
It is apartheid and would be unthinkable in modern society were the segregation based on race or colour.
I believed I knew all about social apartheid which existed in Brazil, until I read the book.
He is a virulent racist who wants racial apartheid in Austria's schools.
Education apartheid in Limerick city is a scandal.
If children are educated separately then it's a kind of apartheid .
If you haven't spoken to these people, it is hard to explain just how obsessed with sexual apartheid they are.
Yet of course it is they who practiced linguistic apartheid , and the system we propose which could bring this to an end.
It was inspired by the economic boycotts that helped end apartheid in South Africa.
Also arrested were dozens of former fighters in the struggle to liberate South Africa from apartheid .
Similar methods helped bring apartheid to an end in South Africa.