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apart / отдельно, обособленно, на части
separately, apart, singly, by itself, aside, severally
на части
apart, to pieces, asunder, piecemeal
(of two or more people or things) separated by a distance; at a specified distance from each other in time or space.
his parents are now living apart
to or on one side; at a distance from the main body.
Isabel stepped away from Joanna and stood apart
so as to be shattered; into pieces.
he leapt out of the car just before it was blown apart
With a wife and two grown up daughters who must be concerned at the level of vitriol thrown at their breadwinner, has he ever considered packing it all in, his lucrative renumeration apart ?
Generally speaking, this was the only time the brethren met, for what most marked the Carthusians apart was that they lived not communally but in isolation, each in his own cell.
two stone gateposts some thirty feet apart
The quality of the competition apart , what let things down was the abysmal and partisan television coverage.
It was a 3-inch-long tube about the size of a lipstick, which came apart in two pieces.
‘What sets us apart is the quality of our collection,’ says Rochelle Keene, chief curator of the gallery.
Robertstown for their part will be disappointed by a performance in which centre-back Mark Kelly apart they had few stars.
countries as far apart as New Zealand and the US
Isabel stepped away from Joanna and stood apart
He shot four superb points but it was his overall winning, carrying of and running off the ball and passing that marked him apart .