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apache / апаш, бандит
имя существительное
bandit, thug, gangster, gunman, mobster, apache
имя существительное
a violent street ruffian, originally in Paris.
Vintage apache depicted a tough guy throwing a woman around the stage.
имя существительное
a member of a North American Indian people living chiefly in New Mexico and Arizona. The Apache put up fierce resistance to the European settlers and were, under the leadership of Geronimo, the last American Indian people to be conquered.
Historically recorded groups include Apaches , Comanches, Kickapoos, and Kiowas.
any of the Athabaskan languages of the Apache, which have about 14,000 speakers altogether, though some are virtually extinct.
He even said two Apache elders had been invited to help to translate passages of the script into Apache .
имя прилагательное
relating to the Apache or their language.
Bona fide featurettes include spots on the evolution of the story of the movie, the actual filming, casting the film, the score, and a bit about the Apache language.
They whirl out of the clinch, as in an apache dance.
Vintage apache depicted a tough guy throwing a woman around the stage.
Their battle is an apache dance, the black throwing the blond to the floor, the blond locking his legs around his opponent.
Variete de Variete is more decorated, filled with allusions to recognizable dance forms - a tango, an apache dance - with even the hint of a specific milieu.
Next on the increasingly baffling agenda comes an apache dance for Bahiyah Sayyed-Gaines and Glenn A. Sims that is not merely gorgeous but also the one authentic moment in the piece.
Although Verastique has only played one gay character - a fierce drag queen who performs an apache dance in Victor / Victoria - he feels that Broadway is becoming more progressive in its attitudes.