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anywhere / везде, никуда, где угодно
everywhere, anywhere, everyplace, passim, about
anywhere, nowhere
где угодно
in or to any place.
he couldn't be found anywhere
any place.
he doesn't have anywhere to live
I couldn't find a trace of them anywhere , with damned Wimbledon taking up all the space and time.
The entire play is a lengthy affair and may sometimes take anywhere from a few days to a number of weeks for completion.
Within the bounds of goat's milk there are so many flavours, ranging anywhere from sweet and tangy to just plain stinky.
he couldn't be found anywhere
Didn't anyone, anywhere , see what was going to happen when the Hilton was built?
We see national glory in State of Art installations, to match the best anywhere in the world.
Matthews will still be able to drink in pubs, but will breach the order if he is caught boozing in public anywhere in England or Wales.
Foulds also said the delays could take anywhere from three to four weeks to straighten out.
It could be set anywhere in the world as it is about the conflict between man and the environment and about man versus man.
In L.A. you can't smoke anywhere , so you have to smoke outside and then go back inside to your drink.