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anytime / в любое время, всегда
в любое время
at any time, anytime, anywhen
always, ever, anytime, every time, perennially, aye
Laura had a bad habit of biting her nails and told Sara to hit her anytime she caught her.
Well, frankly, its anytime I want it to be, which is dependant on how hungry I am for it.
On top of that, sports officials should give athletes a bonus anytime they break a record.
Russia is not a member of the European Union and is not likely to join it anytime soon.
I can't imagine a project of this scope being done again anytime soon, so it needed to be acknowledged.
This is a scene that gets played out anytime she's mad at me and is by God going to show me.
It is unlikely they will see dividends anytime over the next five years, said Mr Horgan.
If you hear a song you like, you just record it onto a tape and then you can play it anytime you want!
It's a safe bet that we can now turn on the tube anytime in the day and will find decent sports programming.
Rather, just one of those tragic moments which can blight people's lives anywhere, anytime .