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anyone / любой, никто, всякий
any, every, anyone, each, anybody
no one, nobody, none, anybody, anyone, neither
any, everyone, anyone, everybody, anybody
any person or people.
there wasn't anyone there
a person of importance or authority.
they are read by anyone who's anyone
there wasn't anyone there
My only hope is I can scrape through Christmas unscathed and not upset anyone too much.
In her eleven years of life she has yet to be dominated by anyone or anything.
anyone can make a mistake
Heskey's got the power and pace to frighten anyone but must remember it's not a crime to use it.
did she mention anyone in particular?
If they do not want to go out and meet anyone , someone may also be deputed to meet them.
It is a shame it has to come to that before anyone realises how dangerous this road is.
Of course, the truth is that they have been part of it for as long as anyone can remember.
We respect the Brits more than anyone else, and this will take a long time to go.