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anybody / никто, любой, всякий
no one, nobody, none, anybody, anyone, neither
any, every, anyone, each, anybody
any, everyone, anyone, everybody, anybody
имя существительное
значительное лицо
важное лицо
kingpin, anybody
there wasn't anybody around
a person of any importance.
everybody who was anybody in state government turned out to be involved
We know that on our day we can beat anybody , but the league is so competitive any one of the top six teams can go on to win it.
York police recommend that if you spot anybody suspicious you should call them.
He's a guy who has to work hard at his game and he's an example to anybody playing the game.
Anybody who is anybody goes to Truvy's beauty salon to get her hair done.
Anyway I was wondering if anybody ever actually saw any of these films and if so what where they like.
On that point we agree, and so must anybody who has any interest in the topic.
there wasn't anybody around
In fact, she won't be voting for anybody because she is not even on the electoral register.
there wasn't anybody around
I could see the whole thing from the bookshop, and I didn't see anybody stop to help.