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antsy / дерганый
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
agitated, impatient, or restless.
he was too antsy to stay in one place for long
As the group ate, I sat outside by myself, antsy to hit the trails again.
He didn't ask why I was so antsy , or what I hadn't let my mother see him.
But Diana became antsy eventually, and decided that it would be more productive to travel than to stay put.
By the end of the movie it was around 11 and we were all a bit antsy .
I can't even sit on a bench between two people without getting antsy .
As I discovered on many occasions, both on the water and on land, this constant state of readiness makes the men antsy .
And losing makes fans unhappy, coaches uneasy and owners antsy , ready to press the fire button.
So he stared, and thought, and fretted as she grew increasingly more antsy .
Rin seemed upset over the news and I was just antsy about the whole thing.
She sensed that he was growing impatient and somewhat antsy .