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antisepsis / антисептика
имя существительное
имя существительное
the practice of using antiseptics to eliminate the microorganisms that cause disease.
The overwhelming message was the need to teach and practice familiar prevention strategies, including asepsis, antisepsis , adjunctive measures, and appropriate antibiotic prophylaxis.
The most important progress in the surgical management of patients during the past 100 years has resulted from non-operative components of surgical care: anaesthesia, antisepsis , and asepsis.
Surgical hand antisepsis / hand rub with an FDA-compliant, alcohol-based surgical hand rub product should follow a standardized application according to the manufacturer's written directions for use.
In the field of medicine, physicians were familiar with Louis Pasteur's germ theory and knew of Joseph Lister's discoveries in the fields of bacteriology and antisepsis .
Persistent antimicrobial activity, measured in hours, helps decrease rebound microbial growth after surgical hand antisepsis .
The Viennese have contributed medical innovations such as antisepsis and new therapies such as psychoanalysis to the world.
Wooden operating theaters were created to accommodate hordes of students who learned by watching professors perform surgery, and Joseph Lister's ideas about antisepsis added to the importance of these arenas.
These agents were suggested and used by health care workers in areas where soap and water were not readily available and patient contact was frequent, necessitating hand antisepsis between patients.
Traditional surgical hand antisepsis has involved using a brush, water, and antimicrobial soap.
The term surgical hand antisepsis refers to the antiseptic surgical scrub or antiseptic hand rub performed before donning sterile attire preoperatively.
Policies for general hand hygiene and surgical hand antisepsis should be established in conjunction with infection control practitioners and meet the particular needs of the practice setting.