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antiretroviral / антиретровирусная
  • antiretroviral therapy - антиретровирусная терапия
имя прилагательное
working against or targeted against retroviruses, especially HIV.
antiretroviral therapy
имя существительное
an antiretroviral drug.
Prescriptions were written for a variety of antiretrovirals , antibiotics, antidepressants, and appetite enhancers.
Should someone who has just been found to have a primary infection with HIV be treated with highly active antiretroviral therapy?
Failure to identify primary HIV infection denies patients the opportunity of receiving potent antiretroviral therapy at the time of HIV seroconversion.
The prevalence of adverse events related to these drugs may rise as the use of antiretroviral therapy increases.
Long term probability of detection of HIV - 1 drug resistance after starting antiretroviral therapy in routine clinical practice.
In two of the 10 cases, resistance against two of the three available classes of antiretroviral agents was identified.
Three classes of antiretroviral drugs are currently used in combination for the treatment of HIV infection, which target the activity of two viral enzymes.
Included are recommendations about when to begin antiretroviral therapy, what therapy to use, how to monitor the therapy and when to change therapy.
Immune reconstitution disease is a well known complication of highly active antiretroviral therapy.
Clinicians consider immune reconstitution syndrome whenever the patient on antiretroviral therapy deteriorates after initial response.
Furthermore, antiretroviral therapy may be less effective or less well tolerated in some patients who present with more advanced disease.