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antiquity / древность, античность, старина
имя существительное
antiquity, ancientry
antiquity, old man, antiquities, old chap, old fellow, olden times
имя существительное
the ancient past, especially the period before the Middle Ages.
the great civilizations of antiquity
great age.
a church of great antiquity
Jewish tradition has given us Lilith, from the Old Testament we know Eve, while classical antiquity produced Xantippe and the Amazons.
Diphtheria has probably existed since classical antiquity , but it was not identified as a specific disease until 1819.
Archaeological discoveries not only provide evidence for the antiquity of this masking tradition, but also add credence to a Niger Delta origin.
It's not just the antiquity of the towns, but also the way people there think about urban life.
This broad blanket of Christian faith did not, however, stifle the infatuation of the elites with pagan, classical antiquity .
The extant pottery undoubtedly provides a precious resource of iconographic material that can greatly enrich our understanding of ancient Greece; but its status in antiquity has been exaggerated.
The poem was accepted as Hesiod's in antiquity , but various indications point to the period 580-520 BC.
Historians continue to debate the antiquity and plausibility of his discovery.
Feasting can be either an inclusive or an exclusive activity, as we know from many sources from classical antiquity and modern ethnography.
The question arises: what have American cantors done with this information concerning the antiquity - and ubiquity - of Jewish liturgy?