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antique / античный, антикварный, старинный
имя прилагательное
antique, ancient
antique, antiquarian, curiosity
old, ancient, antique, oldest, older, elder
имя существительное
антикварная вещь
curio, antique, curiosity, rarity
старинная вещь
имя прилагательное
(of a collectible object) having a high value because of considerable age.
an antique clock
belonging to ancient times.
statues of antique gods
имя существительное
a collectible object such as a piece of furniture or work of art that has a high value because of its considerable age.
Pauline loves collecting antiques
make (something) resemble an antique by artificial means.
an antiqued door
shop in stores where antiques are sold.
we would often go antiquing in search of furnishings
So he bought me an antique ancient Tibetan hatchet which was said to be used to fight evil spirits.
Get your antique treasures valued as part of Hextable Heritage Centre's annual heritage day.
During these centuries scores of collectors who saw themselves as connoisseurs of ancient civilizations brought antique marbles to England.
In fact Proust's life is as delicate, and as easily thrown out of balance as an antique clock.
I then used a wet tea bag to antique the white edges and after allowing the print to dry I repeated the process in different areas to vary the color.
This beautiful antique finish table lamp would enhance any style decor.
Already that observation is antique ; it has been outdated by Napster and iPod, TiVo and digital TV.
All elements are placed on antique looking furniture, teapoys, plant stands and traditional Irani chairs.
To create the crumpled paper, antique the paper with the ink pads, crinkle it up, smooth it out and then dip it into a mixture of white glue and water.
A Georgian silver cutlery set, an antique carriage clock, a pendulum clock, rings, a pocket watch, cash and a purse were among items taken.