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antiquated / устарелый, старомодный
имя прилагательное
obsolete, antiquated, outdated, archaic, musty, outworn
old-fashioned, frumpy, antiquated, outmoded, hunker, stuffy
имя прилагательное
old-fashioned or outdated.
this antiquated central heating system
They may find it quaint or antiquated , rather than charming, and its few flaws may stand out larger due to the hype.
Hard cases make bad law, but antiquated conventions make bad legal practice.
The Scottish Parliament is already in the process of dismantling our antiquated feudal system of land laws.
He added that the staff would be moving from an antiquated facility belonging to a past era to a new, comfortable facility.
Some of those antiquated attitudes are unfortunately still kicking around, according to Warner.
The antiquated system of temporal note keeping needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.
We see a lot of antiquated regulatory enforcement systems in various parts of the world.
The system, which replaces the antiquated radio network, was due to be introduced in the Humberside area in August.
Posters seem a somewhat antiquated form of expression, at least the paper kind.
In Britain, slopping out was branded as one of the indignities of an antiquated prison system.