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antiquary / собиратель древностей
имя существительное
собиратель древностей
antiquarian, antiquary
Inside the bank was a circle of fifty-six holes (the Aubrey Holes - so-called after the antiquary who discovered them), which probably held upright posts (some marked by concrete discs).
Though Johnson was less of a literary antiquary than some of his contemporaries, he possessed, through his work on the Dictionary, an unsurpassed knowledge of the language of Shakespeare and his contemporaries.
In Bradford, Yorkshire the eighteenth-century antiquary John Hartley recounted a Martinmas payment ritual associated with the slaying of a huge, ravenous wild boar and the rival claims of two hunters to having performed the feat.
The list of finds I have made reads like the contents of an antiquary 's cabinet - some archaeological, some geological, some merely curious, all with tales to tell.
The antiquary William Camden was the first to divide surnames into the categories broadly represented in all European languages.
So perhaps when the old antiquary , William Stukeley, called these monuments ‘cursuses’, he wasn't quite as mistaken as many archaeologists have liked to believe.
One may cite in this context the by no means exceptional example of the seventeenth-century antiquary Simonds D' Ewes, who had crammed his notebooks with no less than 2,850 Latin and Greek verses by the time he left grammar school!
It was a style seldom used by Soane and the Marquess suggested that he should take advice on the ‘various Gothicks’ from the antiquary John Carter.
Daniel Wray is the aforementioned antiquary , a fellow of the Royal Society and of the Society of Antiquaries.
He had been prompted to do so by the existence of at least one ditch around the hill top, which had been recognised some 200 years earlier by the antiquary William Stukeley.