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anticyclone / антициклон
имя существительное
имя существительное
a weather system with high atmospheric pressure at its center, around which air slowly circulates in a clockwise (northern hemisphere) or counterclockwise (southern hemisphere) direction. Anticyclones are associated with calm, fine weather.
In summer, the weather associated with anticyclones is usually fine and cloud-free.
The South African Weather Service told The Star on Monday that the heat is due to an anticyclone or high pressure system in the upper air.
A similar weather system occurred at the start of the anticyclone last week and as well as acting as a cooling agent it was a joy to watch.
The strong anticyclone drifts slowly across the sub-continent during the weekend.
The low pressure area departed during Thursday as a new anticyclone reached and passed the Cape.
The resident anticyclone continues in its fixed abode.
This anticyclone will dominate the weather scene for the following few days.
The advancing anticyclone is centred between 35 and 40 degrees South.
He created the term anticyclone and pointed out its importance in weather forecasting.
Weakening and reduction in the regular size of the Polar anticyclone and its east-wind outflow should cause the temperate low pressure belt to find a zone of activity closer to the polar zones than at present.
These temperature layers are referred to as the lapse rate and anticyclonic conditions are associated with ‘stable’ lapse rates.