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antics / фиглярство, гримасы
имя существительное
antics, buffoonery, antic
antics, antic
имя существительное
foolish, outrageous, or amusing behavior.
the antics of our political parties
You know these people are nothing on a global scale, their antics are utterly insignificant to your life.
You need to change your reaction to their antics if you want to alter their behaviour in the first place.
Laughter and playful antics are all part of the tour package aimed at those who are after a particular type of holiday.
Much of the laughter at the antics of the buffoons is a collective release of tension.
In fact his antics often reminded me of Tony Blair, and for that matter Bill Clinton.
Their antics are a distraction from the larger questions - but no less enthralling for that.
the antics of our political parties
Certainly his petulant racket-throwing antics last week were out of character.
They resorted to keeping a diary of his escapades and videotaping his antics as evidence.
She seemed to get a second wind and renewed her singing, jumping, cot dancing antics .