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anticlockwise / против часовой стрелки
имя прилагательное
против часовой стрелки
anticlockwise, contraclockwise
против часовой стрелки
counterclockwise, anticlockwise, contraclockwise
Over the sea, air may move at speeds of more than 300 kph, twisting anticlockwise in the northern hemisphere and clockwise in the southern.
Electrons, however, also have a quantum attribute known as spin, which can point in either a clockwise or an anticlockwise direction.
Climbers from northern hemisphere countries are supposed to wind in an anticlockwise direction and those from the southern hemisphere countries are supposed to wind in a clockwise direction.
Generally, men and women dance in a circular formation around the deity, in clockwise and anticlockwise directions.
The first player takes all the beans from any one of the six cups on his or her side and, moving anticlockwise , adds one bean to each succeeding cup, until all the beans are used up.
The first hand with a new bank is played clockwise, the second hand anticlockwise , and so on, alternating direction.
The maze was assembled in such a way so as to encourage fish to move in an anticlockwise direction, particularly if the fish stay close to the walls.
The pairings of pools sampled at days 21 and 24 after germination are represented by the loop in clockwise and anticlockwise directions, respectively.
My stomach lurches as the transport moves in four ways at once - upwards, spinning anticlockwise , listing to port, and decelerating.
Using a small amount of additional oil, rub your solar plexus six times in an anticlockwise direction; then stroke the residual oil upward on your stomach with both hands.