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anticline / антиклиналь, антиклинальная складка, свод
имя существительное
антиклинальная складка
anticline, saddle
vault, arch, vaulting, dome, corpus, anticline
имя существительное
a ridge-shaped fold of stratified rock in which the strata slope downward from the crest.
Large-scale geological structures including anticlines , synclines, thrusts and faults formed during the Caledonian Orogeny typically trend in a SW-NE direction.
From the maps presented in Figure 2, it is apparent that the well tested the crest of an anticline that formed during the Cenozoic.
In this locality, the top 20 m of the Asmari Limestone exhibits palaeo-weathering along joints suggesting subaerial exposure of the Asmari near the crest of an anticline .
Present along the surface exposures of the anticline are rocks dating from Upper Cretaceous to Paleocene age.
The field evidence includes the presence of several longitudinal extensional folds such as a rollover anticline and drag folds that are related to normal faults in the area.
This mechanical failure results in a topographic valley along the crest of the anticline .
In its hanging wall, however, a drag fold syncline and a rollover anticline developed.
Polygon boundaries coincide with anticlinal ridges on the interface between the faulted sequence and an underlying 35 m thick low velocity, low density, overpressured layer.
Secondly, along-strike displacement minima, fault jogs and anticlinal intrabasin highs often form at, and represent the location of, palacosegment boundaries and subsequent zones of segment linkage.
The unfaulted model produces an anticlinal uplift that is substantially narrower and more elevated than the uplift of a purely elastic lithosphere without a ductile lower crust.
Following the intrusion of basic dykes in the late Palacocene, the whole of the post-Zechstein succession was gently folded into a series of major synclines and anticlines .