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anticlimax / спад, разрядка напряжения, антиклимакс
имя существительное
recession, decline, downturn, decrease, fall, anticlimax
разрядка напряжения
имя существительное
a disappointing end to an exciting or impressive series of events.
the rest of the journey was an anticlimax by comparison
I know what you're thinking - wow, that must have been incredible, you must have felt like a piece of you was made whole again - but to be honest it was an anticlimax .
I mean, a prom has to be an anticlimax after this.
a sense of anticlimax and incipient boredom
And I am glad to say that it was not an anticlimax , but more like being a child let loose in a sweet shop… the main problem being one of limited capacity and too much choice.
Sadly, the long-awaited replacement of the floodlight bulb - absent since September - proved an anticlimax , lasting only one week before it once more expired.
Ten years down the road he decides to try his luck in the music business, which is an early anticlimax compared to the possibility of him producing big studio pictures, but I digress.
But for just about everyone who took part, it was a prolonged anticlimax - boring, uncomfortable and isolated.
We had good directional control, and the brakes seemed fine, but I was a little disappointed at the anticlimax of our adventure.
Sometimes I think it's made me seem an anticlimax to him since - I never have lived up to any of the dreams I gave him - he settled for second best by coming back to life.
The main disappointment is the ending which is an anticlimax after the dangerous excesses of the rescue mission.