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anticipatory / предупреждающий, предварительный, преждевременный
имя прилагательное
warning, anticipatory, cautionary
preliminary, advance, preparatory, introductory, anticipatory, interlocutory
premature, early, untimely, precocious, anticipatory, immature
имя прилагательное
happening, performed, or felt in anticipation of something.
an anticipatory flash of excitement
It is the nineteenth century doctrine of anticipatory self-defence which claims a right to take necessary and proportionate action in self-defence when there is the danger of an imminent attack.
Rather than shouting, residents silently digested as much detail as they could, a series of anticipatory computations filled all heads as everybody tried to visualize the plan that would permanently change the neighbourhood.
At points during the album all the elements come together, and ‘Positive Tension’ provides a song that does exactly what the title suggests, bubbling with anticipatory riffs and lyrics.
Usually, once the story begins then I kind of relax into it, but there is sort of an anticipatory work up that happens.
As will be argued, Rushdie's novel can be approached as an instance of a modernized fairy tale utopia, as well as a move from the sheer critique of the present state of things to the anticipatory vision of a more hospitable world.
There is an alternative claim for damages for anticipatory breach of contract.
The very thing he says is an anticipatory excuse for anything he may choose to do.
The reader is kept in an anticipatory state of excitement which is gratified only in the release afforded by the final solution in the last pages.
Was he in anticipatory repudiatory breach in respect of the contracts in respect of vessels 3-6?
Historians of the Sixties have long emphasized that there were many anticipatory developments, from the introduction of Playboy and stars like Marilyn Monroe in the Fifties, to the Beat Generation of the same era.