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anticipation / ожидание, предвкушение, предвосхищение
имя существительное
expectation, waiting, wait, anticipation, expectancy, suspense
anticipation, foretaste, expectancy, expectation, handsel, expectance
имя существительное
the action of anticipating something; expectation or prediction.
her eyes sparkled with anticipation
her eyes sparkled with anticipation
they manned the telephones in anticipation of a flood of calls
her eyes sparkled with anticipation
After a pleasant journey we arrived safely - yet it was far from our anticipations and the mood of contentment lapsed.
The movie has fascinating echoes and anticipations of films like Casablanca, Paths of Glory and Lawrence of Arabia, and it tells an unglamorous truth about fear among the officer classes.
‘These anticipations were happily premature,’ he wrote later.
It would be a massive understatement to say that Condorcet's forecast of advances in science, technology, and medicine has held up better than his anticipations of progress in ethics and politics.
He'd wanted some hope that his negative anticipations would be proven wrong, but I had just confirmed that leaving college would not only be as bad as he feared, but actually much worse.
But anticipations of victory, however rational, were premature.
Each day, we awaken with certain expectations and anticipations : people we will see, things we plan to do, obligations or tasks to be fulfilled.