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anticipate / предвидеть, ожидать, предвосхищать
foresee, anticipate, forecast, envisage, foreknow, divine
expect, anticipate, look forward, await, look for, be waiting
anticipate, forestall, antedate
regard as probable; expect or predict.
she anticipated scorn on her return to the theater
act as a forerunner or precursor of.
he anticipated Bates's theories on mimicry and protective coloration
they failed to anticipate a full scale invasion
We cannot predict nor anticipate their behaviour, or that they will even be there.
Even if detailed discussion is not possible, relevant historical details should be taken to anticipate problems and prepare appropriately for the arrival of the preterm infant.
We anticipate his moves and prepare counter-moves to exploit them.
Consideration of seasonal changes emphasizes how plants do not just respond to their environment, but predict or anticipate it.
This information allowed our soldiers to prepare mentally and anticipate the actions they would be required to take.
In addition, physicians may not anticipate predictable side effects of narcotics and may not educate their patients about them.
The new system suggests that we need to organize health care to predict and anticipate needs based on knowledge of patients, local conditions and a thorough knowledge of the natural history of illness.
this is to anticipate the argument
The decision to anticipate the payment was made because of the type of loan - it is a short-term loan with high costs.