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antibacterial / антибактериальный
antimicrobial, bactericidal
  • antibacterial drug - антибактериальный препарат
  • antibacterial effect - бактерицидное действие
имя прилагательное
active against bacteria.
The worldwide emergence of bacterial resistance to antibacterial agents has produced a need for new methods of combating bacterial infections.
Garlic's compounds also have antibacterial and antifungal properties.
For added protection, a swipe with an antibacterial wipe knocks out plenty more germs, so pack a few in your carry-on.
Bacteria that causes eye infections is sensitive to the antibacterial action of honey.
If only I could focus on the story instead of where I put my antibacterial hand gel…
Do antibacterial soaps get rid of germs better than plain old soap and hot water?
Also, taking antibacterial antibiotics when you have a viral infection may be harmful.
The assault on bacteria in the household has fuelled great interest in antibacterial products.
Manufacturers use our national fear of germs to sell antibacterial soap.
Recent reports have lent support to the potential use of previous generation antibacterial drugs to treat infections caused by new resistant bacteria.
The herb also contains antibacterial compounds that may kill the bacteria responsible for the infection.