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anti-static / антистатический
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
preventing the buildup of static electricity or reducing its effects.
Inside the box we see the video card wrapped in an anti-static bag.
These fibers do not attract much dirt because they are anti-static .
The top and bottom of the case were fitted with soft foam covers, and the whole thing was wrapped in an anti-static bag.
Rather than simply sliding the card into an anti-static bag and placing it in the box, they actually placed the card inside of a large plastic housing to ensure absolutely no damage to the device.
There was also no fancy packaging, just sealed anti-static packaging housing the individual memory modules.
Although it doesn't look like much, this will do a better job at protecting the card than a simple anti-static bag covering it, and secured by a folded piece of cardboard.
You can buy anti-static sprays and put them on your clothes.
As the server was built from new parts and painstakingly put together ensuring no part was placed or handled without an anti-static wristband and had been running for just over a year we were probably looking at a manufacturer defect.
Dust the screen often with an anti-static cloth.
And this finished, self-cleaning, anti-static and weather-resistant structure is itself maintenance free for 25 years.