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anti-personnel / противопехотный, осколочный
имя прилагательное
splinter, antipersonnel
имя прилагательное
(of weapons, especially bombs) designed to kill or injure people rather than to damage buildings or equipment.
The 2,000 arrows and nearly 150 longbows found on board reflect the continuing reliance on traditional methods of anti-personnel artillery.
They're anti-personnel weapons; they're intended to give amputation wounds.
The rather more rare anti-personnel rockets will spew out fragments up to 30 feet or more.
Eventually, 102 countries were represented at the conference that signed a convention on the prohibition of the use, stockpiling, production and transfer of anti-personnel landmines.
The use of anti-personnel weapons in urban areas where they endanger large numbers of civilians is a violation of international law.
In the 1990s, outrage about the continuing manufacture and trade in anti-personnel weapons steadily grew.
Additionally, and consistent with Australia's obligations under the Ottawa Convention, Australian forces will not use or assist or encourage others to use anti-personnel landmines.
To reduce or eliminate the use of certain weapons that are indiscriminate in character, such as anti-personnel landmines.
Ten years on, he is the inventor of the country's first anti-personnel landmine disposal machine, and is helping clear the deadly invisible enemy from Afghanistan to Nicaragua.
For instance, it is estimated that one anti-personnel landmine can be bought at a paltry US $3, yet it costs up to US $1,000 to clear a single landmine.