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anti-nuclear / антиядерный, противоатомный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
opposed to the development of nuclear weapons or nuclear power.
Aldermaston has also been a prominent focus of environmental and anti-nuclear campaigners over many years.
The British Labour party, for instance, was once the anti-nuclear and unilateral disarmament party.
This was their most successful anti-nuclear activity to date and surprised anti-nuclear activists all over the world.
By 1986, around three quarters of the population supported the nuclear ship ban and anti-nuclear towns and cities sprang up all over.
If we campaign against any new nuclear power build, and rely on such statements, it might interest the local community and those in the anti-nuclear lobby.
The country's anti-nuclear policy of the past several decades has very much been tied up with combating the influence of France in the Pacific.
A massive, official protest in June was followed by a wave of strikes and protests by workers, students, anti-nuclear and anti-fascist protesters.
Today my anti-war comrades are taking part in the 4 day anti-nuclear weapons march, from Trafalgar square to the Aldermaston army base.
An anti-nuclear campaigner from Greenpeace International has visited the Chernobyl site but would not recommend it.
Many new anti-nuclear protesters were present, as well as long-term campaigners who were surprised with the success of the blockade.