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anti-noise / помехоустойчивость
имя прилагательное
promoting the suppression or reduction of noise.
stringent antinoise regulations
имя существительное
sound generated for the purpose of reducing noise by interference.
The administration sees the new code as augmenting the NYPD's anti-noise initiative, Operation Silent Night.
If the anti-noise is not a perfect replica of the noise waveform or is not exactly 180 degrees out of phase, the destructive interference will weaken the noise, but not cancel it.
Even as the cordon of anti-noise ordinances tightened around peddlers, evidence also suggested that opinions differed on the subject of reasonable enforcement.
While not necessarily explicit advocates of anti-noise regulation, the writings of these individuals exemplified the martialing of the senses to describe the urban populace.
But the committee chairman said the strong feeling of its members was in favour of expansion, adding the only opposition came from ‘the anti-noise brigade.’
The active muffler is a speaker cabinet which is concentric to the exhaust pipe and outputs the anti-noise in a ring around the end of the exhaust.
As for sleep, Les Blomberg, an anti-noise advocate, has it exactly right: ‘All it takes is a few seconds of one of these things blaring, and that's it - you're wide awake.’
They tried to deal with noisy modernity in all its forms by launching anti-noise crusades, legislating what constituted social noise and punishing transgressors, and by trying to make people and machines quieter.
Peddlers and their advocates also drafted a so-called peddler's ordinance to exempt their cries from regulation under the anti-noise ordinance.
If the crowd were silent before seeing Ploppycack 7, now it is so quiet that they seem to be producing anti-noise .