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anti-lock / антиблокировочная
имя прилагательное
(of brakes) designed so as to prevent the wheels from locking and the vehicle from skidding if applied suddenly.
And what is optional today could well become standard tomorrow, such as anti-lock brakes which will soon be legally required on every new car.
In the UK, the Volkswagen Group has been hit by three separate recalls covering windscreen wipers and anti-lock brake systems.
It is thirsty, hefty and devoid of interventionist driver aids beyond anti-lock brakes and a simple, easily-turned-off traction control.
They're unlike other technologies that we see coming onto markets, including technologies that save lives, such as airbags and anti-lock brakes in cars, which are now quite affordable.
Thus, today, there is growing use of safer, anti-lock brakes in automobiles and other motor vehicles.
But we can tell you that the outdoorsy type is more likely than the average American to own a car that's equipped with airbags and anti-lock brakes.
The anti-lock brakes come on - fine, I steer away from that car on the corner that I almost smashed.
Front side airbags are available as an option and anti-lock brakes are standard on the van.
With nine airbags as standard, anti-lock brakes and a battalion of advanced electronic stability, braking and traction controls, Lexus is hoping the RX will score a five-star Euro NCAP crash test result.
If you have never driven a car with anti-lock brakes, be sure to get training on proper use.