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anti-abortion / против абортов
противники абортов
имя прилагательное
opposing or legislating against medically induced abortion.
In Montana, an anti-abortion bill was introduced requiring death certificates for fetuses.
All dilemmas can be resolved, say the anti-abortion lobby, if the starting point is the foetus rather than the woman.
The use of images of fetuses has generally been a favoured tactic of the anti-abortion lobby.
But this is an image used by the anti-abortion lobby and it generates heat in an emotive area.
She said the anti-abortion movement's ultimate aim was to make all abortion a crime.
This has caused widespread opposition from the anti-abortion lobby.
Even to those who are anti-abortion , I feel there are always situations in which abortion cannot possibly be classified as murder.
I rattled and sang to detoxify the current of anger the anti-abortion marchers projected.
Although Britain has a vocal anti-abortion lobby opposed to embryo research, it is very much in the minority.
Some anti-abortion groups believe that life begins at conception and prevention of implantation is murder.