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anti / анти-, противо-
anti-, counter-, contra-
имя существительное
a person opposed to a particular policy, activity, or idea.
a shadow army of antis who endanger your sport
имя прилагательное
neither side in the debate, whether anti or pro, has offered a particularly convincing case
opposed to; against.
I'm anti the abuse of drink and the hassle that it causes
opposed to; against.
Lots of talk about auditing at the pro page, and the anti page had talk about some man that took over the world 75 million years ago?
I do not want this government wasting parliament time on what is an unimportant issue, and if the anti brigade stopped their demos maybe we should have enough police on the streets to deal with the human vermin.
We're very anti people being passed on methadone.
The prospect of war has roused strong passions, drawing politicians and public figures into pro and anti positions.
Helen is frankly public in her dislike of it, though Raenette's vote against the law in parliament means she is still the poster-child for the anti brigade.
This possibility has seemed so absurd, given the opinion polls, the press and the well-financed and efficiently organised anti campaign, that it has hardly seemed worth raising.
The report was compiled by a wide spectrum of scientists from both pro and anti lobby groups and was chaired by the government's chief scientist.
But even in January 1975 the anti campaign still had an 8% edge.
I thought the debate went from the pro argument to the anti argument.
Some people are very anti the internet and thinks it stops children reading.