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anthropoid / антропоид, человекообразная обезьяна
имя существительное
человекообразная обезьяна
anthropoid, simia
имя прилагательное
anthropoid, subhuman, humaniform, hominoid
имя прилагательное
resembling a human being in form.
cartoons of anthropoid frogs
имя существительное
a higher primate, especially an ape or apeman.
Primates, particularly anthropoids , are noted for their considerable cerebral complexity.
In 1917, he conducted experiments on anthropoid apes on the Island of Tenerife.
‘That resulted in the anthropoid primates - which we are one of - which had better vision all around, compared to the earlier primates that only had to deal with constricting snakes,’ Isbell said.
But now we have much more complete material - upper and lower jaws - that gives us a better idea of what Biretia is and how it fits into the broader picture of early anthropoid evolution.
But fundamental questions remain to be answered about anthropoid origins in Asia and Africa.
They are heavy-bodied, thick-necked anthropoid apes, native to the swampy coastal forests of Sumatra and Borneo.
However, in the anthropoid primates, which include the monkeys and apes, eliminating sexual motivation does not eliminate the capacity for sexual arousal and mating.
This fairly sturdy oversized paperback is printed in blue, with uninspiring cartoons of a cross-eyed kid in a beanie and his anthropoid dog.
Again, the capuchin monkey cannot be unequivocally assigned to either the typical anthropoid or nonprimate pattern.
This usually occurs in gibbons and occasionally in other anthropoid apes.
Archaeologists and site-workers anxiously probed into the sand and uncover three magnificently carved unidentified wooden anthropoid sarcophagi dating back to the 26th Dynasty.