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anthropogenic / антропогенный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
(chiefly of environmental pollution and pollutants) originating in human activity.
anthropogenic emissions of sulfur dioxide
Lakes are also excellent settings for studying the responses of ecosystems to natural and anthropogenic environmental change on human timescales.
Global anthropogenic emissions of mercury are estimated to range between 2000 and 6000 metric tons per year.
Of course, there are many well-known cases where pollution is caused by anthropogenic emissions of chemicals.
Thus a succession of closely connected environmental and anthropogenic events destroyed the bison.
While I would like to believe that there are pristine places on this planet where life has not been affected by anthropogenic activities, there are not.
The authors make the case that their results clearly indicate that the warming is produced anthropogenically , or by human activities.
This information will help us predict the responses of wild mammals to both natural and anthropogenically induced changes in plant secondary metabolites.
The marine environment provides a sink for many natural and anthropogenically derived chemicals.
However, it is unknown whether these are truly native populations or whether they are anthropogenically introduced populations that have become naturalized.
Increasing evidence suggests that stratospheric ozone levels are decreasing because of the presence of anthropogenically derived chlorofluorocarbons in the upper atmosphere.