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anthology / антология
имя существительное
anthology, garland
имя существительное
a published collection of poems or other pieces of writing.
an anthology of European poetry
poetry anthology
This 36-track anthology double album traces their highs and not so highs from 1968 to 2001.
The anthology has been compiled in close collaboration with the singer's mother Jean.
Jay is currently working with past members of the band in order to put out an anthology for a soon to be issued pressing.
The group plans to publish an anthology of their work in the summer.
Three of my books were banned along with an anthology of writing by black writers.
A young football fan is to see her name in print and her soccer poem published in an anthology .
This collection is an updated version of an anthology that was published a decade ago.
His beautiful ballad is the standout track of this impressive anthology .
Any anthology of Lennon's work draws comparisons with his songwriting partner.