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anthologize / помещать в антологию, составлять антологию
помещать в антологию
составлять антологию
include (an author or work) in an anthology.
the most anthologized of today's poets
Her work has appeared in many magazines, and has been widely anthologized .
Thus it is surprising that while her works are widely anthologized and taught in African American and women's studies courses, critical attention to her more than fifty years of writing has been less substantial than one might expect.
Her work is widely anthologised and has been translated into French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch.
It is a wildly ambitious essay that has been anthologized elsewhere, but it resonates here more than ever, finally nestled among the other work that occasioned it.
In my composition and writing classes, when students discuss Malcom X's popularly anthologized autobiographical piece detailing how he acquired the fundamentals of reading and writing, they explore the meaning of literacy.
She has continued to write for the young as well as the adult reader, and her work has been widely anthologized and has won numerous awards.
Many of them have not been anthologized before, so this is a chance to see one of the masters of the genre from his early days.
Her poetry has been anthologized over the past two decades, most recently in Best American Poetry 2000.
They have also been widely anthologized in Australia.
His works have been read in a variety of college and university literature courses, and have been anthologized in collections by Random House and Dover.