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anthem / гимн, торжественная песнь, пение
имя существительное
anthem, hymn, carol, canticle
торжественная песнь
singing, song, sing, pipe, canto, anthem
carol, chant, sing, anthem
петь гимны
hymn, anthem
имя существительное
a rousing or uplifting song identified with a particular group, body, or cause.
the song became the anthem for hippie activists
a choral composition based on a biblical passage, for singing by a choir in a church service.
Like his father, Alfonso the younger was well known as a composer of church music, writing English anthems for the Anglican Church as well as motets to Latin words.
The single was a worldwide No 1 hit in 1966 and was taken up as an anti-war anthem by activists opposed to the Vietnam war.
And it's made her hit song an anthem for real women.
Instead of playing God Save the Queen, the organisers played The Soldier's Song, the anthem of the Irish Republic.
Three TV cameras catch all the action, be it the sermon, a choir anthem or a children's message.
Way back in 1967 this was the anthem of druggie influenced hippy rock.
After the reggae anthem Redemption Song and Broken Wings, nobody was left sitting down.
Olivia was in Carlow to launch A Song for Carlow, an innovative song-writing competition aimed at finding a song for the county that will become the anthem of the terraces and a must as the rousing local sing-songs begin.
the song became the anthem for hippy activists
Well, your song was really an anthem of your generation.
the song became the anthem for hippie activists