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anteroom / передняя, приемная
имя существительное
lobby, hall, anteroom, vestibule, antechamber, entry
waiting room, reception desk, anteroom, hall, parlor, lobby
имя существительное
an antechamber, typically serving as a waiting room.
Beethoven claimed to Goethe that he had rapped Rudolph over the knuckles for keeping him waiting in an anteroom , and doubtless the composition lessons became increasingly irksome.
He was old and in failing health, but still taking visitors who daily waited in an anteroom for hours for the privilege of speaking with him for a few minutes.
The building was simply decorated and deserted, except for a monk white-washing the walls of an anteroom .
These include a large hall with an elegant stairway leading to the galleried mezzanine floor with its glass roof and a circular library and anteroom with a small open fire.
Upstairs, I go first into the library, a little anteroom off the master bedroom.
And she did it while sitting in the Prime Minister's anteroom !
When he was gone she rushed upstairs and plopped down on a sofa next to a reading lamp in the anteroom and opened the folded paper.
The anteroom of his county election headquarters is festooned with cheery signs such as one saying Voting Just Got Easier.
Officers live together in their own Mess, complete with anteroom and bar.
On Monday morning Julie, Marco and Ben were in the orphanage anteroom sharp at eleven, complete with carry-cot, nappies and bottle.
Instead, in one corner there is the monitor of a closed-circuit television showing the area in front of the entrance, the waiting room, the anteroom and the room itself.