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antenatal / пренатальный, утробный, внутриутробный
имя прилагательное
uterine, fetal, antenatal, foetal
prenatal, antenatal
имя прилагательное
before birth; during or relating to pregnancy; prenatal.
antenatal care
имя существительное
a medical examination during pregnancy.
I chose to return to England in the 30th week of my pregnancy, lodging with a friend and attending antenatal classes.
She deserved antenatal care, a decent transport system all those things we take for granted in this part of the world.
antenatal care
As the timing of eclampsia is unpredictable, drills took place on the labour ward, antenatal and post natal wards, and in the emergency department.
Some antenatal tests are routinely offered to all women and others are offered only to certain women because of their age and medical or family history.
Public patients receive antenatal care and birth care at public hospitals, and care is provided by rostered midwives, residents, registrars, and staff obstetricians.
Pregnant women should attend regular antenatal appointments so that any problems with the pregnancy are picked up.
antenatal clinic
Much of the outpatient antenatal and postnatal services would stay as they were, she added.
It is really important to attend all your antenatal appointments, and to report any bleeding, pain or changes in your baby's activity.