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antedate / предшествовать, датировать задним числом, предвосхищать
precede, forego, come before, antedate, antecede, forerun
датировать задним числом
antedate, backdate
anticipate, forestall, antedate
датировать более ранним числом
имя существительное
дата, поставленная задним числом
precede in time; come before (something) in date.
a civilization that antedated the Roman Empire
there are no references to him that would antedate his birth
Certain psychiatric disorders antedate the onset of substance use disorders.
More than 300 words and phrases are being examined, with OED researchers hoping to antedate them (find an earlier use) or postdate them (find a recent example to prove a word is still in use).
there are no references to him that would antedate his birth
Those words all antedate the arrival of Europeans - and anthropological classifications.
But these antedate the rise of muscular Christianity.
Poverty has long antedated capitalism, and exploitation caused by human sinfulness has marked every era.
Four subjects had a history of asthma, but the condition antedated their employment in the facility.
For one thing, devotional cults were also popular within India, and the worship of the Hindu god Krishna antedates Christ by several centuries.
All of the stone circles, menhirs, dolmens, etc., of the British Isles were constructed by peoples who antedated the Celts by one to three thousand years.