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antechamber / прихожая, вестибюль, предкамера
имя существительное
hallway, lobby, antechamber
lobby, vestibule, hall, antechamber, entry
lobby, hall, anteroom, vestibule, antechamber, entry
имя существительное
a small room leading to a main one.
The stairs creaked, the attic was spooky, the cellar dim and creepy; there were storage antechambers to every room.
Something like a polite cocktail party is taking place in a chintzy antechamber to the London Hilton's Grand Ballroom.
When I was led into the antechamber to drop off my coat and bag before getting into the sterile gear, I looked to my left - and behind a partition was Gilly.
The room looked to be an antechamber , there was a gas-light lamp in the centre of the room, hanging from a ceiling.
The hatch opened into a small antechamber that led into the main hall.
The three entered the castle, walking down the main hallways until they reached a small antechamber near the end of the hallway.
The next small room, unified by the square format of the paintings and their palette of light green and blue, served as an antechamber to the final gallery.
Upstairs, reporters jammed into a tiny antechamber , the shaggy cameramen and newspaper photographers chain-smoking and the lady reporters chattering nervously.
The family filtered through into an antechamber and the friends passed by us all one at a time, saying their piece.
the antechamber to an interview room
The most succulent treats are left here by pilgrims who crowd into a small antechamber accessible only to the temple priests.