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antecedent / антецедент, предшествующее, прошлое
имя существительное
past, history, old, backward, bygone, antecedent
имя прилагательное
previous, prior, preceding, foregoing, antecedent, anterior
previous, early, antecedent
a priori, antecedent
имя прилагательное
preceding in time or order; previous or preexisting.
the antecedent events that prompt you to break a diet
имя существительное
a thing or event that existed before or logically precedes another.
some antecedents to the African novel might exist in Africa's oral traditions
My students make mistakes with matching the pronoun and the antecedent all the time.
Indeed, despite antecedent ideas and practices, modern acupuncture, with such strange aspects as electro - acupuncture, may never have existed in traditional China in anything like the form that it is practised today.
They included providing full details of monies paid to Mr Nicholls while being ‘handled’ by Essex Police and copies of antecedent history, including arrests, known for him since the end of the trial.
In this article, we explore the current status of research investigating the use of antecedent events in the functional assessment process, with a particular emphasis on interventions conducted in natural settings.
It was administered under the Soviet system from central clinics at which a manual record system (the antecedent of the omniscient computer chip) was maintained.
But I didn't put them prominently in the article because I was trying to address an antecedent point about how we think about them.
So it has a long antecedent history before it becomes clinically evident.
Professor Dyson, on the other hand, will ‘offer more sophisticated and subtle analyses of cultural traits and racial behaviors that have their roots in antecedent practices.’
If the antecedent of a conditional is false, the statement is always true!
A neighbor of mine, a toddler, had diarrhea due to giardia infection, and one of the antecedent events was the swallowing of several gulps of stagnant water squeezed from a bath toy in an outdoor wading pool.